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UNICCORN was founded in 2018 to foster the exploitation of ICT research results.

Based on over 30 years of experience in business, academia and entrepreneurship we support partners in putting ICT research results and innovation ideas into practice.


Current Projects



Air quality forecast for cities and urban agglomerations (concept)
Urban air quality forecast based on
AQUISS was a H2020 SME innovation project carried out by Heich Consult in Germany. The result of the project is a concept and business model for urban air quality forecasting based on public open datasets. The concept avoids the numerical computation of complex air quality dispersion models. At the core of the concept is a statistical method which forecasts the three trace gases O3, PM10 and NO2 at the sites of air quality monitoring stations and then computes a common air quality index (AQNow Index). The forecast is based on artificial neural networks trained by historical weather and air quality data.

UNICCORN has collaborated with Heich Consult on this project.
The CAMS_95 project is a realisation of the AQUISS concept. The project is funded by the EU COPERNICUS program (the CAMS service - Chemical Atmospheric Monitoring Service) through ECWMF. This realisation of the concept uses historic data from air quality monitoring stations, historic CAMS atmospheric forecasts since 2015 and historic weather data (from GFS in the US) to train Artifical Neural Networks (ANN) for each involved station. For each pollutant (O3, NO2 and PM10) one ANN is trained and then executed at daily basis to produce local air quality forecasts based on CAMS and weather forecasts for that day.

The platform was implemented by UNICCORN.


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